hard days

Back to the real blog soon. Jackson has not recovered and he is being sent on tomorrow at 10:00. It is hard to say goodbye to what our neighbor called "such an amiable" dog. Tail always wagging, ready to play with anyone, person or dog, no matter what size. Always gentle although sometimes rather stubborn, Jackson has been a beautiful, blonde baby. He is sometimes aggravating as he wants to be petted constantly, but I never heard him growl. When he was awake, his tail was in motion but now it is still, he is skin and bones, and it is time. When I get my feet back under me the blog will start again. 

All is well, and all will be well, 


Unknown said…
Yes, Jackson was a happy dog even if he always put his head out under one's hand for a bit of attention! He was a sweetie and we'll all miss him.

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