Show and Tell

So much to tell you. First of all, the baby robins flew last Saturday. I happened to look up and see one standing on the edge of the nest and saw no other heads. Mom and Dad came by and left. The fledgling teetered on the edge a second then decided to move a little. He inspected the new place, rather like someone daring herself to jump off the high board. After another adjustment and another teeter he took a deep breath and flew away! I saw him leave. I was so glad to be able to say goodbye instead of just noticing that they were all gone!. What a wonder it was.

Today I went to Chattanooga with Vicki, Kay and our new friend Lorraine P today and went to the gallery and saw my paintings.
The one on the left and the bottom one are mine. Above mine is one by my classmate Kathleen. The one on the bottom has broken eggshell (encased in acrylic) on it. See that little line along the bottom of the large egg-shaped form? There are also some on the top right. There was no way to get a glare-free photo. On the green one you can see me in a light top and dark skirt. Haha. 

These are all on canvas. The long one is 36" long, I think, to give you a sense of the sizes. The one on the top is 22" square. The one on the right is a puzzle to me. Not sure what it is but I like it. It seems to be some kind of machine or the door to Hades or something. 

You might remember this one from when it was pink and purple. I am going to try to finish it and submit it for consideration for their next exhibit. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I am still working on this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes I think that I will never finish it. If I get 10 or 15 pieces placed in a day I feel like I have done a lot!. This one is a challenge! 

So, to take a break, DH and I moved the freezer to here from 

here where it was in the way of access to the shelves and the cabinets. Now I am looking for a little bench or table to put on the wall adjacent to the freezer. Just a little at a time and I hope to have this all done before... well, I hope to have this all done one day. 

I brought in these little pieces today from my studio. On the right are my father's grand parents, Richard Manson Tewell and  Marie BarrĂ© Tewell. In the center an unknown woman whose photo I drew over and on the left some old statues that might be Thai. They are all mounted on pieces of 2"x4" that were scraps.  

I think that they are kinda cool.  

I talked to several gallery people today and got some hints and some new places to try. Tomorrow has to be a studio day in the morning and then Jenny and Sarie are coming. J and I are going to set up the quilt frame and, after a practice quilt, I will quilt the top she has pieced for me for our bedroom. The one I made ten years ago is falling apart. 

All is well, Life is good, 


Vicki said…

Great description of birds. Photos of your paintings look good. Now if the right person would just buy one…or two or…well, let's not get greedy!

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