Crows and sketches

Last night DH watched and I listened to a program about animal brains which showed quite a bit about how smart crows are. When we lived in the mountains there were a lot of crows and I really enjoyed watching them.

This guy was my favorite. He hung around a lot. 

This should have Wanted written under it. 

I messed with this one on photoshop elements. 

These lilacs were a gift from our next door neighbor. Last night I drifted to sleep with the lovely scent wafting my way. What a luxury. 

Outside the windows the pink dogwood is doing its best. The poor thing has dogwood blight and is slowly dying but is giving us all it can each year. I wish there was something to be done but I have talked to the arborist and there is nothing to do. 

This end of the living room is clean again after moving my desk out. 

I can't say that for this end. 

A really interesting app called Waterlogue paints from your photos. Don't you like this? 

A watercolor of an oil painting. So much fun. 

Last night's sketch - DH's chest/dresser. This sketching business is fun. Tomorrow it is back to class work on the narrative (purplish ) one and the drawings. 

All is well, 


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