Painting and Drawing

I hope that you don't mind seeing drawings and more drawings because that is about all I have been doing. Unless, that is, you would like me to explain about how the church looks at the Bible and what that means for us. Yeah, I thought that the drawings would be preferable and to tell you the truth, I am too tired to do thoughtful and thought provoking writing tonight.

So here are the drawings and the painting.
This painting still has layers to go but this is where it stands now. It is supposed to be a narrative painting, telling a story and is supposed to incorporate  words, etc. I am not even sure which way is up right now, but I will get that worked out. I went to the studio late this morning to work on it but after an hour or so it got so cold that I had to come in. What's with this cold weather?

This is the third and last rendition of the water scene. I used liquid pencil on it and a little colored pencil. The drawing on this one is better but the background still needs to be a little darker.  

Sandy brought in some holly for us to draw in class. I think this one is pretty good. 

For homework we had to draw simple flowers. I had drawn all these before I realized that two petals on each flower were longer than the other two. How could I have missed that? It is so easy to see what you think is there and not what is actually there. 
This is the tree in front of our house next to the street. I sat on the front porch steps about seven o'clock in the evening to draw this. It was a lovely time. 

These maple buds were a class assignment. 

I found these in the neighbors yard. Both of these drawings are about life size. What a huge difference a different tree can make. 

Just in case you are tempted to think that I am really getting good, the ink bottle in the center, the first I drew tonight, will relieve you of that idea. As I said, ellipses are my nemesis. NO 3 is a little better, at least. #2 might actually be the nearest to the ink bottle. 

I need to draw a line to write on. My writing goes uphill without one. This is a homework drawing of my favorite drink, tea, in a favorite cup - a very thin and delicate one. Evidently also a crooked one. 

There is lots to learn and much practice to be done in both media. Do you ever draw? Anyone can if you only look and draw what is there and not what you think is there. Give it a try. You might really like it. 

All is Well, 


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