(I wrote this a few days ago but got called away and didn't post it. Since then I have darkened the background of this drawing. Much better. )

This post will be really short. Did I hear a sigh of relief? I am still selecting things to get out of the house, including furniture, and all else. Except maybe china. I have a thing for china. I have bought some decorative boxes to hold the things removed from the desk, but haven't put them to use yet.

This is art week. Last night DH, Vicki and I went to Chattanooga to an art show where several of our class mates (art class) were exhibiting some of their work. Tonight we go to Atlanta to see another show. Anne Bagby, from whom Vicki and I have taken classes, will be showing some of her fantastic work. I would love to own a piece of her work.

I just wanted to show you my colored pencil drawing that is finished (actually, once you see it online you think, "That needs a little..."). I really enjoyed working on this and think I might do another, but I also need to work on painting. Anyway, here is it and then, Goodnight.

By the way, have you seen cars with eyelashes? I hadn't until today I saw a yellow VW bug with long curvy eyelashes. I had to laugh. 

All is Well, 


Unknown said…
Haven't seen a car with eyelashes but think that would be fun! Of course I think it would be fun if I had eyelashes also.

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