A Week's Worth of Jabber

I know that I haven't been posting as often as I once did, but I have an excuse a reason. I am taking two art classes, each about three hours long as well as the two and a half hour class at church. Each class has homework. Actually, they each have several hours of homework. Also, Vicki, my sister, broke her foot last Monday and I have helped her just a tiny bit getting from here to there. I really need to offer her more help, as a matter of fact. It is hard to do housework on crutches and she also has a job. All this would be nothing if I weren't so slow and there's the problem. I am getting slower and slower. However, life goes on. 

This is the little boy. He has a sailboat in his hand and it looks like he plans to sail it in the little dirt patch under this tree. We bought the three older children, the ones holding hands and going in a circle, then just couldn't leave him there. We bought them in NM and had them crated and shipped to NC. This one is not exceptionally heavy but the other has to be moved by machinery. 

My studio has no water source so I have to bring water in bottles, then let the waste water evaporate in an old ice cream bucket. Yesterday I was all out of water so I trudged out there and up with stairs with the iPhone and the spray bottle in the pocket of my apron, the camera around my neck, the gallon jug of water and the cup of tea in one hand (do you remember that water weighs 7.5 pounds per gallon?) and the old Cascade dishwasher tab container half full of water in the other hand.  I think that I might snake a hose up through the window. Or I could get another milk jug to help fill the other water containers. See, already a better way!(Did you  notice the sun streak on the floor?)

This is a piece that started as an assignment and turned into very much something else as has happened to me before. Now I have started again on the assignment but so far it is only some copied pages, and a square canvas covered with gesso. I have chosen the colors to use and have prepared some papers that will be included. I have some transfers to make and then I will be back to where I should be. We don't have class next week but I have plenty to do before then. The following week I will miss again as we are going to our daughter's house but I will get that assignment and go from there. 

A drawing of a perfume bottle, a Limoges box (there is a tiny perfume bottle inside it) and my pearls on an embroidered piece. I see places where I could improve and I will improve but that will only happen with daily drawing. Remember practicing the piano? Kinda like that. By the way, that egg-shaped thing is the "box" in case you were thinking I had finally just lost it (my mind, I mean). When I finish this post I must get the pencil/pen and draw. I also have knitting to do. And housework. 

A drawing of my neighbor's yard as seen out my dining room window. It was late in the afternoon on another of those grey days we have had so many of. I photographed the drawing at a slant, which doesn't help at all. Unfortunately, it is not great even flat, but it is okay. I like the tree peeking from behind the large tree, and I learned a lot about drawing iris leaves. I might add more color or I might just leave it. 

A homework assignment. My favorite jeans hanging over a chair back. 

This is a beginning of three landscape drawings based on the same photo. (below) I took the photo when we were driving near Highlands, NC, late one fall. 

We were to slip the photo into a sheet saver and trace the large forms, then transfer the forms to white paper. We are to draw them once in black and white with pencil or pen and ink, do a color rendering and then a third time we will work in liquid pencil, a new product that I have not seen but have heard about. So far, I have only put in my darks and not all of them on the first version. 

For the church class I am reading about Nature and Human Suffering(actually last week's lesson which I didn't get done after spending the afternoon in the Emergency room with Vicki), The Sacrifice in Creation and The Trinity. It is heavy but quite interesting reading. I will present it Monday night; we each present our week's lesson and then have a Theological Reflection on what we learned or another subject of the group's choice. 

This afternoon my brother and I talked to our soon-to-vacate renter and then had a snack and a nice visit. I really do like living so near my siblings. 

All is Well, 


Unknown said…
I really appreciate all your help starting with helping me get up after the fall! Perhaps when I go to the doctor tomorrow, he'll say that I can walk a bit more and YOU will let me drive. Of course I have enjoyed being let out at the door and I will need a backpack if I have to continue on two crutches!

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