Night time and other things.

Today was the second day of wonderful weather - not quite warm, but definitely not cold. Shirt sleeve weather we call it. What a treat. Just a moment ago I stepped out on the little back deck. The black tracery of the tree branches against the grey-blue sky was a lace of wondrous beauty, the air smooth as silk against my skin. The passing of cars a block away was a quiet murmur. I love going outside at night - even if it is cold, but especially when nights are like tonight.  Lots of big trees lost limbs in the snow/ice, but ours escaped any damage I can happily report.

Sister Vicki is thinking strongly about some redecorating and , of course, I just had to get involved, too.
Here is a corner of her room with a tablecloth thrown across the sofa to give us an idea of a light color. We were liking it, but it wasn't quite right. She finally decided that something like this might be a starting place. 

Lighter walls, light sofa, pink and teal splashes of color in throw pillows . Most likely some teal chairs. I imported her photo to my Sketchbook Pro and painted over the details of the room so that we could see the possible colors as they might be. It was fun and it gave her a starting place even though it is only blocks of color. I suppose that with a lot of time or one of the other programs I could have made it lifelike but since I am not expert, I decided that this would do and it took minutes instead of hours and hours. Vicki is going from this basic idea and adding some photos from other places and will come up with what she wants. I can't wait to see the final product even though it might be quite a while before it is all done. 

Last night Miss Bella beat us to bed. Girlfriend likes to have her head on something and evidently the softness of it doesn't matter!

Sunshine on my dresser again, this time showing the divisions of our upper windows. I didn't realize until after I had taken the picture how dusty the dresser was (it is not now!) but you can't dust and rearrange an then take the picture because the sun keeps moving on. It was only like that for a very short time. 

Do you remember the flowers from last week? 
They started like this

then became this, (complete with wire and tape above as well as a shim and a stained cutting board. I just can't in to setting up my shots right. Practice, practice, practice!)

and now, for their last few days, they are this. I try to get every bit of floweriness that I can out of each bouquet. The next ones, already here, are Alstroemerias and they last a long time. I love having flowers in the house, and in wintertime it is even more important to have that fresh touch. Grocery store flowers are not terribly expensive and they can brighten up corners for two weeks or so. To me it is money well spent. (I am doing my own toenails to make up for it although at my age doing your own toenails is an adventure not to be lightly entered into. )

Another nice day tomorrow but the cold will be back soon. I hope that it won't be quite so bitter or last quite so long. 

All is well, 


Unknown said…
Hmmmm...I think you should practice your skills and make the whole thing more realistic. You could even photoshop some sofas in the pic. Even though it would be helpful for me, I am really thinking of all the good experience you would have. It would be such a great learning experience and as a teacher I am all about the learning!
Caroline said…
I will keep that in mind.

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