On a slushy day

This winter is so strange and today is among the strangest. We are at the northern border of the storm that is brutalizing the deep south and here there is just a mix of weather. Rain one minute, snow another, freezing temps, thaws, right now snowing heavily but not all that cold. Just weird. Wet roads, drippy snow. Not really pretty or fun, just messy. 

I set up this little vignette and photographed it but then didn't use the photo that I had edited! On the other I cropped out the shim under the cabinet and the upper cabinet along with the wire that will provide power to an undercounted light. I also edited out the electrical outlet. Why didn't I use it? You would have thought that I had it all together and now you know the truth!
The last, with the ones above, of last week's flowers. I try to keep them until they are GONE. The little bowl in front of the vase was my mother's - a wedding gift. Is is a mustard bowl? Might be. 
Same thing taken the night before. I couldn't decide which I liked better. Daylight makes such a difference but in the softer colors of the night time one I can smell the lilies better. Their scent can be overpowering  but with only two stems it was lighter, not so sweet, and very nice. 

Shelves in the pantry. They have to be painted but I just can't get going on it. I need to have the freezer moved first. In the background a Windex bottle is in the window. I tried editing it out on another copy but ended up with a little blue blur. It is destined for the garage but just hasn't made it out through the yuk. The tub on the freezer is our temp holding place for recycle. That bottle of wine may be destined for drinking this afternoon!

I have, since this was taken, added extra rolls of paper towels (we try not to use them all the time but for some things they are quite handy) to the top shelf. The dark thing is the bottom of a water dish for the dogs that had a huge water bottle on the top. I have banished it but still haven't been able to get rid of it.
 I think that this area is just about finished. It is very functional, there is still room for other items if needed and it is neatly arranged. How much more can you ask of cabinets over the washer and dryer?  If I find just the right thing I might add something decorative, but I am not searching for something. The doors, by the way, are usually shut. 

You know how I like the patterns that the sun makes in the house so I had to share these patterns on the stairway with you. Sunlight patterns in my house - one of my favorite things. On a list of things that give me an instant lift and make my heart sing, these are way toward the top. 

Below is a craft project that turned out to be more fun in the thinking about it than in the doing of it. The plan is to cut pieces of magazine paper, roll it into these little tubes, flatten them,make spirals out of them, then attach the spirals to make a wall piece. I think that I will go back to my knitting which I have been ignoring for far too long. Even if I watch TV, this is just tedious and messy. 

The slush keeps falling. That's what it feels like - that we are in the middle of a slushy. I feel bad for those people who are getting it so much worse. North Georgia is getting slammed again. Having lived there for 30 years, I know what that can be like. They are in for some hard days. 

All is well and all is well and all will most certainly be well,* 

*Quote from Julian of Norwich


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