Enough hibernation

I was hoping that it wouldn't get so cold for this round, but it is. I am ready to come out of hibernation.  Mama bears, when they come out for the spring are really grouchy and if things don't change soon, I might get that way myself. So here is the update and I will have to tell you that while there is good news there won't be any wonderful pictures unless you are interested in:

My new shower curtain. The liner snaps off just below the net part so that it can be washed without washing the whole thing. Clever, I think. 

My flower arranging. Dean bought this vase is Japan when he was in SE Asia and this is the first time I have ever put anything in it. It was his mother's and she kept it in a curio cabinet; I never thought about any practical use for it until yesterday. 

This vase is a Jane Peiser piece that I have used often. 

If those things don't interest you, how about:
The laundry that Dean brought home from church for me to wash. I have become the laundry woman for the Men's Prayer Breakfast. Don't you think the laundry should be done by a man? 

My computer is so slow today that I could scream. I think it is cold. I'm cold. I'm slow. 
Yesterday afternoon and last night I took up knitting again. If I ever want to finish this afghan I had best do that all these cold days and evenings. The cup with three ewes on it says"Baaaad girls". It was a gift from Jenny and Alex. 

Honestly, that is about all that is happening around here. I look at garden things on the (slow) computer, do a little drawing, today I hope to do a little painting, I vacuum up dog hair two or three times a day (so glad that Labradoodles don't shed). I eat. I eat everything that is not nailed down.  I hope that it gets warm soon.

All is well (although cold)
PS This somehow didn't get published until after the good news although it was written before. Sorry for the mix-up. 


Unknown said…
It is good that you are using you MIL's vase. I like it. I did not need to see any laundry, there is already plenty here at the Bijou!
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed reading your posts and your art works. Your pencil sharpener and erasers got my attention. I have and old electric pencil sharpener that I inherited from the leftovers at RepublicBank after they went bankrupt. As an old engineer, I get a warm good feeling using a number 2 pencil, so I keep plenty sharpened ones when I'm doing some serious analytical work or making entries into my daily journal. Your remark about keeping journals reminds me that the older I get, the more forgetful I become as to remembering to write each day. I believe it is a good habit to keep as it helps Cathy and I settle friendly discussions better known as spousal arguments over when an event happened. LOL Tom McCarty

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