Winter is definitely here. We are cold though our temps must seem balmy to much of the affected area. It never got above freezing here today but it did get above zero. In fact, I think that the lowest temp has been 5 degrees above.
I stood in my hall and looked to the back of the house and saw this sun pattern on the floor. The bed has a sheet on it because Bella loves to jump up there and I can't keep it straight because of that, but I loved the simplicity of this view. It makes me feel good. 

Turning to the front of the house there was another sun pattern (and the bad girl herself). 

The straightness of the chair barely catching the sun called me to go into that room which is the family end of the long narrow living room. 

At the other end, after putting away the Christmas decorations on this little round table I thought this Japanese cup that was given to my mother by her good friend  would be a nice thing to look at for a while. The little teapot is one I bought just a few years ago and the flower is one of the lilies from the bunch hubby brought, placed in a small jam jar with a quilted pattern. 

 Even my little violets are trying to get in on the act and bloom. Now that is a sweet violet!

All is well


Unknown said…
It is great to see the reflection of the sun in any pattern, however, you captured some very nice patterns at Tantivy. Nice job!

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