The Pantry Shelves Redux

To revisit the pantry shelves: 

Boards and smaller boards for a lip on the shelf. Check

Drill for drilling lots of holes for the supports. Check. 

Fifty little shelf supports to go in the holes. Check.

Guy who is supposed to be doing all the work. Sick and out like a light all day. Check. (sigh). 

 I finally moved a shelf in the laundry area so that I would have room to neatly store the extra towels. There is just not enough room in the bathroom. When the pantry shelves are finished I will take some of those containers and put them to use in these cabinets to group like things together. 

I took the dogs out three times today. The first time it was 16 degrees. They wanted to play. I picked up several days worth pounds of frozen poop and then made them come in so I could defrost my face. Have I ever mentioned that I am not a fan of cold weather? 

I also did all the cooking. Different for me, but I do remember how, I discovered. That along with a few loads of laundry and changing the sheets and loading and unloading the dishwasher and all the usual stuff was all I could handle. Now I am headed for bed even though it is only 10:44. 

All is well


Unknown said…
It's okay to go to bed before midnight. I think many people do it. I have even considered doing it myself from time to time.

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