That Wonderful Light

Yesterday the temps got up into reasonable ranges (mid-forties) and I went out to begin cleaning the back yard just a little. The construction left a huge mess and we have been so busy inside that outside has been ignored. I guess that I was waiting for DH to do something but I remembered that he cooks and goes to the grocery store and I do cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc. So, out I went. I didn't get cold except for my face and when it froze I came in. I didn't really get much done, but it was a start.
Besides this pallet and wheelbarrow there were many little pieces on the ground and stuff on the porch. I only moved and stacked stuff, but it was an improvement. 

This is how things looked at the beginning and 

after my work. And it was just in time because today we have snow. Jillions of flakes so tiny they are hard to see but they are steadily coming down. The roads were covered first and the rooftops. Blades of grass are still sticking through, but there is a noticeable amount on cars, roads, porches, sidewalks, etc. The good thing is that there is that wonderful light that you get in the house when it snows. The light is worth the cold and the slush and all the not so pleasant things about snow. That cold white essence of light. What a gift!

I am trying to learn to "paint" on my iPad using ArtRage and SketchClub, two good and not too difficult programs. Even though they are not difficult it is very different than painting with paints and paper or canvas. The learning curve isn't actually steep but there is a long way to go to mastery. Some people do fantastic stuff, but they might have done  more than two. Actually, I have done another one of a flower that I tried to do over the photograph but it was a total failure and I don't even know how to get it to a place to show you (and I haven't worked too hard to find a way - it's that bad). 
I will be working more in this medium. It is too cold to go to the studio and I have to do something!

All is well, 


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