Thank You

I first want to thank those of you who read this blog. From what I can tell, apart from the people paid to review blogs and see if they can sell something there, there are about 11 of you brave souls. A few nights ago I was ready to just give it all up, but then I heard from two of you and decided that I will try a little bit longer. So....

Let's talk about pie. When perusing Pinterest a few days ago I saw a picture of coconut cream pie that looked so good I nearly licked the screen. DH thought that pie sounded good and brought home a bag of coconut the next time he went out. I pulled up the recipe, assembled the ingredients and began. First I did the pie shell. ( More on that later but for now i will say that I used a refrigerated one). Then I began mixing sugar, a little flour, eggs, buttermilk, vani....  Buttermilk? Wait a minute! Back to the recipe. In my haste I had pulled up the buttermilk pie recipe and started on it. It was good, a little sweet but tangy also. It wasn't, however, coconut cream. It pays to start your brain before you start mixing!!
 If I had been more patient I could have possible gotten a better photo. My suggestion is that if you want to photograph a pie you should let it cool completely.

About the crust. Reading directions is good here also. Dear Husb had bought a refrigerated crust from Walmart. I pulled it out of the wrapper and started unrolling it only to have it crack in lots and lots of slivers. Not to be outdone by a pie shell, I used some water to "glue" it back together and rolled it a little thinner. It was a surprisingly good crust. I think that it was better than the Pillsbury ones unless they have changed. It should, however, sit out for 20 minutes or so before you start messing with it. (I discovered this from finally reading the directions). 
Sweet violet bloomed. I think that fertilizer is in order; she has been going for a long time with nothing but water, bless her little plant heart. 

When I redid my kitchen and Vicki started redoing hers, her red colander and coffee maker seemed more at home at my house and my grey and stainless at hers. This wall is at the end of the sink area. Handy and useful. The towel was hers, too. 

I have been doing little tasks around the house but am looking forward to another warmish day so I can do some work on the porch and in the yard. The recycle center needs to be set up again. 

All is well, 


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