Shelves and Handles

Here is another look at my laundry area. Were you dying to see it? It is so light and clean that I love it. No going down the creepy stairs to the dark basement. Places to put all sorts of things behind closed doors. Wow!
My sister thinks that I should add a shelf over the washer and dryer. I like that idea and it could hold little things and maybe something fun, but would it get in the way? It could be removable, of course. What do you think?

This is part of a shelf that Sister was no longer using so I traded it for selves that we aren't using. The plan is to put an ironing pad and a small ironing board on it until the counter with sink and ironing space gets built. That could be a long time, as you know. Meanwhile, it is neat and it will do for the little amount of ironing that happens in this house of knit. The real ironing board, besides having no storage under it, was too long for the space. And it was ugly. 
The freezer is destined for the basement. 

This is the other half of the shelf from Sister. The bins are to gather things that go to Jenny or Sara and the top will be the place to park the purse and the bag that DH takes when he delivers cars.Still some work to do here, also. I will paint the shelves grey and take the dog gate somewhere yet to be determined.
The shelves that are going to Sister are from here. These aren't long enough (I have already taken the bottom one down to lower the brackets); the new ones, which I will paint grey a shade darker that the cabinets, will go wall to wall. DH needs every inch he can get and something at the end to keep things from falling off. 

The inside of the cabinet door  that holds towels, etc. Good paint job, don't you think? I had chipped off the paint around and in the upper screw and eventually got the screw out and cleaned the handle. Now I have to tackle the drawer pulls seen below. Yuck. I was going to replace them but they are a weird size and we don't know if we might just remodel the bath. The tile is cracked all the way around the room and there are other problems. We have to do a lot of thinking and recovering from the kitchen before we can seriously consider another remodel though;  cleaning is in order. 

I would love to hear from you. 

All is well


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