Clips and Changes

I am making changes to this blog; you might have noticed. I have tried out new backgrounds from time to time but the changes I now have in mind are of a different nature.  The sub-title of the blog will now reflect what the blog is really about. It now says, "making this old house and this small town my home". Maybe I should add an "adventures in" before the "making". That would certainly reflect the truth.  I hope that you will see other changes as we go along and that you will find that they make things more interesting.

But back to the adventure. I thought that I had all the Christmas decorations back upstairs in the (still not finished but cleaned) storage room. In fact, I only found one little plastic crystal (can you say those two words together?) snowflake and one snowman who will stay on the front porch because he is winter, not Christmas.

The other thing left to do was to deal with the Christmas tree lights. We had two little fake trees, screwed to the porch floor because of the wind, but not lighted. One had working lights, but one did not, so we just turned on the porch lights over them and called it good enough for this year. After Christmas my DH bought two sets of LED lights on sale and we I took the old light off with a little help from him. 

I don't know who wired those things but they meant for them to stay wired. Each light had a little clip.

 In fact, each light had two or more clips - one at the light and one farther up the stem where you had to dig for it 

Clips and lights were everywhere. Remember George H. W. Bush's "1000 points of light"? I was reminded of that as I took these off. 

I finally, knowing that we had new lights and wouldn't be using these cut the wires in some places but lo and behold, that didn't always help. The wires were put on and wrapped around and clipped so many places that even then it was a real job to get them off. But I prevailed! These are the lights off two tiny trees. 

Poor thing also lost two twigs. And I found a few pieces of the old roof that had fallen into them when the workmen came through the ceiling while fixing the roof. 
After removing the lights I had to remove the clips from the wires because someone who didn't take them all off was so fascinated by them that he is sure he will use them on the new lights next year. Fortunately this part was made easy with a twist of the pliers. (Sorry about the blurry photo) 

The clips in all their glory. They are now in a container with the twigs and the star and destined for the storage room as soon as I go upstairs!

All is well, 


Unknown said…
haha. Is DH for dear husband or Dean Herman?

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