Checking out the light.

Maybe it is the artist part of me or maybe we are just born to go to the light, but the patterns of sunlight streaming through my (less than perfectly squeaky clean) windows just makes me happy. 

This was what I saw when I woke up. That little narrow rectangle is the light coming through the window in my closet. The room was a little brighter but the reflection on the wall fooled the camera. 

Try not to look at the scuff marks and just see the long streams of light. In the summer the sun will be higher and the pattern will be different. 

This is the other side of the island. It looks like a flame - or an abstract painting. 

This hydrangea was wilted and seemed gone until I cut the stem, stripped off two leaves, filled a Mason jar with warm water and stuck the flower in. What a recovery!

This is the present over-the-sink arrangement. As you can see most of the snow/ice is going fast. 

More light patterns. Even the laundry sorter looks good in the sunlight. I hope that you had sunshine today! I hope that you have some tomorrow so you can join me in looking at the patterns it makes in the house. 

All is well


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