The merry-go-Round

Are you on it? The famous merry-go-round called life at the end of the year? Every day since Thanksgiving I have thought that I would post to this blog but the days fly by and I haven't written a word. I have done a little(very little) drawing/sketching and haven't been out to the studio at all. Things are slowly getting straightened out in the house - it all seems to take more time than should be necessary. I have been asked to be a nominee for Vestry for a two year term but I think that I will tell them to ask me again next year and see if things seem better. 

Meanwhile ...
 A sketch in ink. I usually use pencil because I am not sure of my strokes and I love the eraser, but this time I went straight to brush pen and was fairly happy with the result. 

TV art. 

A stamp that I am carving. 
A sketchbook spread. A girl with a very long lower face. She probably thinks she is weird looking but I think she is attractive. I did more work than usual on the hair. I usually just leave it blank.  I really like to see letters or letter forms, even though these aren't really letters and wouldn't spell anything. If they did, what would they say? What language would they be? How are they connected to the background? And what in the world is that background? 

It has been gray here for the last several days and the forecast call for rain again beginning tonight and continuing through Tuesday. We certainly don't h ave the ice and snow and flooding that are causing so much trouble in other places, but this dreariness is wearing nonetheless. If you are in the bad weather you have my heartfelt sympathy and my wishes for your safety and sanity. 

Last Sunday was the first Sunday in Advent and it was a lovely, sunny day. The lessons all mentioned light and I was the one who lit the candles at the early service (don't faint that I was at the early service. It is a long story, but that is when I serve.) That evening we had a service of Advent lessons and carols. What a wonderful day and I remember it with joy and thanks as these grey days progress.

I am determined to get to the studio soon. 

I would love to hear from you. 

All is well, 


Unknown said…
good ink drawing. I NEVER do that. The eraser and I are way too close to leave it out of any project!

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