So many beauties

This is such a busy time of year and even with my trying to keep things simple there seem to be more things to do than time in which to do them. However, yesterday, DH being at our daughter's house helping s-i-l with a project, I had a long lunch, a cup of coffee that turned into a little family session at my sister's house (we went there from lunch) and a shopping trip and dinner with her. It is so good, after all these years to have sibs all in one place.

I have whined about mentioned  cold weather before. I don't like being cold, I don't like having to put on a jacket to go outdoors, I don't like winter clothes, etc. On the other hand, there is something wonderful about winter. The tracery of the branches against the silver grey sky is marvelous. That peculiar winter light. Seeing the glow of lights in houses as you go down the street and thinking that people are snug and warm and busy with their lives, hoping that their lives are good. 

When we lived in the mountains I loved to go out and look at the winter sky, breathing that cold, fresh air. The window in our bathroom was a casement whose bottom edge was just below my chin and sometimes in the middle of a cold winter night I would crank out the window just a tiny bit and just breathe in the cold air. 

So even though I don't like having to wear a scarf and split open sweatshirt around the house and I really don't like gloves and socks and all that, winter offers so many beauties that it is worth the not- so-great things. 
I hope that you are enjoying your winter late fall (almost) winter . 

If you get this in your e-mail, click on the title of it and go to the web to be able to comment. I would dearly love to hear how you like winter. 

All is well, 


Unknown said…
beautiful sentiments Caroline! I'm glad you have your siblings with you and I have never heard you whine, ever!
Unknown said…
I has been a bit chilly but not terrible. Of course I write that with a heater at my feet! When I head west (ish) on my street, I look to look at the tree branches against the evening sky especially when it is sailor's delight!
Caroline said…
I am glad that you haven't heard me whine and I hope that you never do. There might be a few who could not endorse your statement 😔

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