Merry Christmas!

Just a few days ago I bought a $5.00 wreath and glued on some pomegranates  and green apples that had been hanging around the house for years - parts of Christmases past. Dear husband put a long drill bit through an existing hole in the door and... voila!!I think that I could use a larger wreath, but it is hard to tell at the store. One of our projects for when it is a little warmer is to refinish the door. 

One each side of the door are our tiny skinny trees from the last several years. Every year they blow down no matter what I put on them to weight them so this year DH screwed them into the porch floor. The lights have given up on us but they are covered with "crystal" snowflakes in various sizes. I love that tin snowman; he has dangly arms that move. There is another tree on the other side of the door, but only one snowman. 

In Cleveland, we have M&Ms for every occasion and this one is no different. Although I never saw the first pumpkin spice M&M (and how good could they possibly have been? Huh? Wonderful?) these mint chocolate ones are just great. You can see a little of my Christmas china which is in use because the kitchen is thoroughly useful if not quite finished. The last of the hardware is here, to be installed next week and DH has to make shelves for the canned goods and we are fini.

I saw such a cute Kissing ball on Pinterest that I just had to make one. This one needs a ribbon - a thin red one with picot edges perhaps or a thick satin cream-colored one. Such a simple thing but I really like it. 

I made a coconut pound cake today and we are soon on our way to Buddy's and Kay's house for a family dinner. I hope that your Christmas is filled with good times, good friends, and lots of love.  

God is good, today and every day. 
All is well, 


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