Always there

Do you have little things that you just must have out for Christmas? Here are a few of mine, most small and inexpensive and one a gift. 

This  beanie-type guy with a large orange nose and a floppy black hat just pleases me. He is the newest at about five years. I want to hug him but he is a little too small!

My sister gave me this snowman years ago. I love the orangey cheeks and the big, big smile. A candle can be placed inside but I think he is really cute just as he is. 

What a happy smile on this little mouse with his wonderful huge pink-lined ears. Just looking at him makes me smile, too. 

This is a tree ornament but never has been on a tree. He and his buddy the mouse always sit in my kitchen window above the sink, keeping me company . That doubtful look is priceless. 

I have special tree ornaments, and other things for the house that may or may not appear on any given Christmas but these guys are always there. 

Do you have something you just have to get out for Christmas? 

All is well,


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