I have a drain!

Just when I think that things are going well, we hit a roadblock. The latest is that the now installed oven doesn't heat. The repair man is coming tomorrow, but if it is a part that has to be ordered you know what that means. AND, the cooktop was ordered or delivered or something wrong - that is to say the wrong one and a new one hasn't yet arrived although I have hopes for today. However, I  HAVE A DRAIN! Who knew how wonderful that would be until I was without one for quite a while. I don't have water and my plumber is on a trip to Columbus, Ohio to pick up a car, but I do have a drain. That means that when I finish washing dishes I can pour out the water instead of lugging it to the bathroom to pour it out. Luxury. Wonderful. This makes washing dishes a much less onerous task.

I have some photos to show you. I am just getting over a migraine and em evidently still rather shaky because they are not well focused. Please accept my apologies. Things are still messy because to do one thing requires that another be done first and that one requires.... you get the idea.
Another little piece of TV art. 3"x5"water soluble crayon of watercolor paper. 

I have been under this sink on my back and on my stomach helping Dean with the plumbing. Thank goodness it is new and clean. 

The offending non-heater. The microwave works just fine. 

The little window in the pantry which will be my winter studio. Lucky bamboo and some little pieces of my art. 

Dean and I will eat here when we don't use the dining room. Minus the bucket of nails and stuff, of course. 

The new back door. I hope to improve the view soon. Bothe the inside view and the outside one need improvement.

So that's the way it is right now. 
All is well


Unknown said…
Or with the bucket of nails and stuff!
It's coming along😄

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