Walking, walking,walking

Monday night was a really late night (I was reading Lady and Fin) so Tuesday I didn't spring right out of bed.  In fact, I was lying there listening to the workers upstairs and in the kitchen when Bella suddenly slipped off the bed and padded out of the room.  It took me a few seconds to process this then I slipped off the bed, into a robe, and padded out of the room myself.

Me:(do I need to say "groggily "). Did the dogs go out?

Cory: yeah, they are down at the corner.

Me:(resignedly) I'll go get them.

This time I slipped into a dress. It was a knit, dark colored loose dress. I tell you this because you will notice that I didn't slip into anything between taking off the gown and slipping into the dress. Everyone who has Houdini dogs should have such a dress.

Jackson , who is growing old, just waited for me but Bella, still young at 10, raced around, up and down the street, in and out of yards until I just headed for home with Jackson and her racing around area followed us.. I put the dogs in the fenced yard of my generous neighbors and went into the house to add another layer to my attire.

Vicki called.  She just called to chat but mentioned that she couldn't find her coffee cup.  Surely she was just looking right at it but not seeing I thought,so after a little while I decided to hike over to look myself.  We had a nice visit but the cup was not to be found.

Later, Vicki needed a 57" board so I asked the guys to cut one then found out that my car was blocked in as was hers and Dean was gone; off  I went in sandals and dress, board under arm, to meet her half way.

Later that evening I walked over again so that we could work on the books of our little rental properties.

It is one way to get your walking in.  We never did find the cup

All is well.


Unknown said…
Evidently there NEVER was a cup and I am in need of serious mental help!
The board was/is much appreciated.

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