The joke is on me

Or, "Pride Goeth Before A Fall".

So here I was this morning, having had coffee and gotten dressed and played on the computer (I gave myself a Hidden Object Game for my birthday). I had arranged the flowers,

 put a load of wash in the machine and taken apart a hot knife
 (Dean wanted the cord to replace one on a heater),

 thinking, "Men just can't do it all like women can".

And that is where I made my first mistake because about that time the buzzer went off on the washer and I went to the laundry area to put the clean clothes in the dryer. Whoops, there were already clean clothes in the dryer. Clean, but still a little damp. And (sniff test here) stinky. You might know the drill from here, or you might never do something so forgetful. Anyway, I am thankful for oxygen bleach because these were good, medium-colored clothes, not something to throw back in to hot water and Clorox. Ugh! Phew!

But, I have something to make up for that smell. Go to Chrissy's blog here and see lots of colorful houses in Alsace. Be sure to check out her flickr pane on the right for clever, colorful hanging signs like you would never see in the US of A. Don't miss it; it is a treat. 

Then stop and enjoy MaryAnn Moss's trip to the Netherlands here There are several posts, so you might need to go back a few days. You can float down lovely canals and peek in hidden gardens. 

Both of these ladies are very talented photographers and you will feel as if you had been there yourself. 

All is well, (and starting to smell better)


Unknown said…
I leave the basket in the kitchen if I have to leave before the laundry is finished. It is my reminder. It fact it is there right now because i have clothes in the dryer waiting to be removed and others in the washer waiting to be dried.

I, however, am waiting for my car to be serviced. They say they cannot find anything wrong with my tire. WHAT?????
Unknown said…
Oh, yes,While at the Toyota Center I have been busy. I emailed students, reviewed edTPA tasks, checked a lesson plan for a student teacher, left a message for a colleague, figured out all my hours and mileage and edited a doctoral assignment!
Chrissy said…
I've never had a tumble dryer (electricity bills too high or kitchen/utility room too small) but I do remember my sister (this is years ago) leaving her ironing basket for so long that all her husband's shirts grew mould! Our Mum had to come and sort that one out.

Thanks so much for the link, Caroline!

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