Just a quick note

I won't take too much of your time this time. I have been sick with a combination of sinus troubles and a virus of some sort and am still a little tired but much better. I just had to show you this, though.
 We have a porch! It still needs a rail and I might want stairs down the other side also, depending on where we decide the dogs should make a habit of doing their "thing", but Dean and I sat out there this morning with our coffee cups and just enjoyed life. I really like being able to go up and down the steps without having to aim just right so that my foot doesn't go through the place where there was no board, especially when I am leashed to two anxious-to-go dogs.
We are on our way to having a sink! Dean and I lifted the heavy thing into place this morning and he is preparing to begin the plumbing. The fixtures haven't arrived yet but they can't be installed until the countertops are in. However, having a drain would be such an improvement and the dishwasher could be hooked up! I can put my little washtubs, filled in the bathroom, in the sink and then empty them right there!  Or I could just load the dishwasher and let it take care of things!! What luxury will be mine!

Additionally, almost all of the trim has been installed and primed and the operating back door is installed. I have decided to paint it one step darker than the pale grey color of the cabinets. 

Meanwhile, all is well, but I am tired. 


Unknown said…
Looking good!!' The porch doesn't look as high as I think it is in the pic . Are you think in that the dogs could have a "run" on the 8th street side of the house 'cause that's what I'm thinking!

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