I wish that I had taken pictures all day yesterday but..

Dean left the house at about 5:45. I was asleep. I woke and looked at the clock - 10:45! Oh dear! the cabinets are supposed to be coming. A few blinks and another look at the clock showed it was 8:45. Whew!

Phone Rings: It is Vicki.

V: Can you come over? My rainbird won't stop and I have to go do an observation. (see her blog)

C: (groggily) what is a Rain Bird?

V: The irrigation system. It has been running all night and won't stop.

I put on yesterday's clothes and get in the car. The fuel light is on. 5 Miles range it says. Okay,, Vicki is half mile away. The sprinkler at her house is spraying right where I have to go through the wet bushes to get to it. I try, leaning in against the house and supporting myself with one arm until my arm begins to quiver, everything I can think of to make it stop. Finally, I give up. Vicki calls the guy who installed it.

When I get home I have 2 miles range according to indication on the dash. How did a mile roundtrip do that? Anyway, the cable guys are parked in front of my house. We have had a little tiff with the cable company and I wonder if they are cutting us off. No, they are doing something about the house across the street but they do cut down some loose and hanging cables out of the rat's nest on the pole at my request. Thanks, guys.

Dean calls, The cabinets are coming mid-morning Thursday. I do a few chores and lie down on the bad, instantly falling asleep.

Phone rings: It is Vicki

V: Did you lock the Rainbird box?

C: (groggily) No, I just closed it.

V: Well, I can't get it open.

This time I walk over, not wanting to run out of gas between here and there. I have dried out but plunge   back into the wet bushes and under the spray to get the box open. Vicki has scouted out the keys but thinks they are the wrong one. I am almost sure by the looks of them that they are the ones but the box doesn't want to open. I do some serious juu-juu on the cover and it opens. I disconnect the battery. Nothing. I unplug it. Nothing. We go into the yard and look at the boxes buried in the ground, pry them open and try to turn handles, etc. Nothing. Vicki calls Kenny again and takes me to lunch. Since I am muddy and wet and so is she, we go to the Burger King for a veggie burger.

As we leave and head to the car wash Kenny calls - there was a loose wire and the RainBird is now off. Deep breath. The car wash won't read Vicki's pass. We pull back and forth until someone comes out and discovers that her information hasn't been entered into the system. They fix it and we go through the wash.

Vicki takes me home and I go into the house to find that the dogs want to go out. I leash them and take them out. They run to the side of the house where I see a purse behind the bushes. Putting the doggie bags, not yet used, on my hands I pick it up and take it to the porch. I call the police.

After a while a nice patrolman comes and takes my information and the purse. It will be "entered into evidence". I go the the neighbors fenced yard and retrieve the dogs and the poop.

I am ready for another nap.

I download iOS 7. I even enter a passcode on the way out the door as Dean and I go to Hardee's and  the car wash. When I come home I find that the passcode I entered wasn't what I meant to enter and the iPad is disabled when I try too many times to figure it out. I say a bad word. I think it began with sh. I spend the remainder of the evening working with that, finally getting it straightened out except that my last backup was in 2011 so things are a little out of date. What password did I use for Gmail? Beats me, so I have to change it.

This morning the sun shone through the kitchen window and then through the interior opening and was beautiful. It is Dean's birthday. The cabinets are supposed to come. Life is good.

All is well


Unknown said…
In Funny Girl (or Funny Lady) Fanny Brice say in a very New York accent, "Oh what I day I've had today!" I think of that often and think it applies to your day. Very amusing account. Good job writing. Were you an English major!!!!

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