No joy

No Joy in the Berk house tonight - no cabinets either. We hope that they will be here this week; then we can order countertops. I have decided that I will go for the Virginia soapstone that I first wanted. Soapstone has so many good qualities and the only drawback is that it can be scratched. The scratches can be sanded out or oiled and just aren't that big a deal. I will buy some new cutting boards and be sure that "Chef Dean" knows where they are kept.

Meanwhile, Dean has fixed this annoying thing. We have had this extension cord running from the washer and dryer out the window and then to the basement for far too long. I  couldn't close the window and the house was full of flying insects of various kinds and sizes.
Now we have places to plug them into the wall, just like other people. They put the outlets about countertop level so that other things could be plugged in if necessary.There will be cabinets above; since the appliances can't be pushed all the way back to the wall, I won't be able to use but the front few inches without a stool. That's okay because there will also be another cabinet nearby for things I need on a a continuing basis.  

The leaping girl just wouldn't settle down and work in the painting so I first of all made her into straight lines (too much of the dark) and then tried blocking some of her out. Here is where I experimented with the new look. Deciding that it would work (I also asked Vicki's opinion) I went ahead with the plan. 

And here it is. Sorry for the glare . The girl might leap onto another painting some day, or she might have leaped right out of the  mix. Right now I am preparing for the class Vicki and I are taking in October by drawing faces on the back of business cards (for the size) and some larger ones of kings, queens and imperious looking people from magazine ads. No pictures of those little things yet.

I did, however, do this "doodle" with the thought of making a large rubber stamp out of it. I plan to add a border so that it will be 12"x12". Of course the whole thing doesn't have to be inked to use it so it will be more versatile than it might seem at first. I wanted something that would be a busy all-over type design so that nothing particularly stood out but it would provide texture. I think that this will work. 

I hope to have more interesting news later this week; something like pictures of the installed cabinets would be nice. When the cabinets are in place the trim can be installed and then the refrigerator can go from dining room to kitchen as can the dishwasher and maybe the sink will be here and eventually the stovetop. Woo Hoo!

All is well, 


Unknown said…
I like the painting. More later.

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