Doing the Happy Dance

I have some cabinets. I have some window sills. I have a little coffee place. I have a back door.None of these are quite finished but they are at least partially usable and wonderful. I am doing the happy dance.

 The back door has no hardware and hasn't been painted but it is solid and has a window. You might remember that Jackson had nearly demolished the other one. 

The window sills are deep enough to put a little plant on. Maybe I can grow some herbs. Not Rosemary but something small would work
My coffee center doesn't have doors yet (they had to be remade), and it will have a drawer, but I can make coffee there in the morning. Okay, Dean can make coffee there in the morning and bring me some. We still don't have running water in the kitchen so we are buying water by the jug to drink. 

Here is our usable sink. It is used to get water for washing dishes, washing faces, washing/brushing teeth, washing paint brushes, wetting cleaning name it and if it requires water, this is the place we use. I am really looking forward to getting the sink(s) in the kitchen and laundry area. 
There will be more to show soon in the kitchen and I have also been working in the studio. Lots to share. I would love to hear what you think. Leave a little comment if you can. Please. 

All is well, 


Unknown said…
Doing the happy dance with you! Love the back door and have crossed fingers that it won't storm any time soon.

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