A Little Progress

Tonight Dean and I are getting ready to move the refrigerator into the kitchen! The kitchen is not ready, but the place for the refrigerator is and it can be hooked up to water and we can have ice on demand! We have been going over to the church kitchen and bringing home a container full to pour into the dispenser of the ice maker. Our bottom freezer is full and has no room for ice trays even if we went out and bought some. So here is Dean, cleaning out the coil. He managed, as seems to be usual to cut his hand so we had to take time out for first aid - a good wash with soap and water followed by antibiotic cream and a bandaid on top of which I put a bandage so he would not just twist it off in the business at hand.

Here is the refrigerator's new home. We just pushed the frig into the kitchen and it was not easy at all. I am out of breath and thinking that I will be sore tomorrow! Of course it would have been easier if the frig had been empty but there is no place to put the stuff that is in there so that wasn't really an option. Somehow it looked much easier when Justin and Dustin (tall) and Chris (all muscle) did it! Ha!!

and here it is!
 The water is hooked up to the refrigerator but the line downstairs has to be run. Dean will do at least a temporary on that soon. Really soon, I hope. Tomorrow soon would be good for me.

Lots of cleaning to do in the dining room. The coal dust behind where the appliances were has to be attacked and the floor cleaned. The dishwasher will be put in place soon although the plumbing won't be ready; it will help the rest of the house start returning to normal.  I plan to move the washing up center into the area where the sink will be. It will still be temporary but it won't be in the living room! The sink should be here soon. It is a very plain apron sink that is not quite white. I think you will like it. 

Here are the flowers that Sara sent her dad for his birthday. When she was about 11 she informed me that she loved him most. Even though I knew that is normal and healthy for girls that age and was secretly glad to hear, I have never let her forget it. She sends him beautiful flowers each birthday (and tells me she loves me just as much.) 

And that is about it. It is 9:45 and we are sitting down to eat -  steak, potato and salad. We are late even by European standards but thankful to have our work done for the day. 

all is well, 


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