Some days are busy

Today was one of those busy days. The house was like an anthill with people working everywhere. I like days when much is getting done. I like them a lot. 
 The painters sprayed the porch to get rid of any mildew before they paint. They put all the "stuff" in the yard. It looked as though we were being evicted! They are gong to paint the porch ceiling blue, which is known to keep mosquitos away. I am not sure just who knows that, but it is the accepted thing to do in the south. The concrete caps on the walls will be painted the tannish color of the siding. The porch floor is already green and will be painted green again. 

 Here is the newest painting. I am looking forward to hearing Sandy's  critique tomorrow. I didn't really mean to make a cat but I did. I think of it as Still Life. I actually saw the "cat" as a crooked vase.
 Not all the stuff from the front porch was put back there. This big bundle of insulation was put in the garage. Unfortunately I was upstairs in the studio working hard and didn't know it. Imagine my surprise when I came downstairs to go to the house (where there is a bathroom and lunch.) I couldn't move it because it was too large to push forward and there was no room to move it anywhere else. I had to phone Dean to come out and rescue me!
 Behind the grill is someone scraping and cleaning the huge duct for the fan. I didn't go look, I just saw an arm appear and disappear and heard the noise. Sometimes you just don't want to look. 
 Behind the plastic, in the kitchen, the insulation people are spraying. I haven't seen it but as far as I am concerned, insulation is insulation (unless it is blocking me in the garage!)
 Dustin and Chris were finishing up some trim. They are almost finished but will be back again. 

I drew this long face tonight while I was watching TV. I used charcoal. I wanted to use contè crayons but I couldn't find them. I haven't used them in a long time so I will just get a few new ones; since there is only black, white, sanguine and brown I won't have any trouble choosing colors. 

Class tomorrow and I have to take my computer in as it is feeling poorly and needs to have its battery serviced. I don't know exactly what that will entail, but if I don't post for a while that will be why. 

All is well and all will be well, 


Unknown said…
From the look of your yard, the Joads stayed home. It seems as if progress is being made! The painting looks great.. meow!
Unknown said…
Has my face always showed up on the comments? I haven't ever noticed it!

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