Quilting again

I haven't done much quilting lately and when I got back to it I realized that the work I had done last fall (or whenever it was) was full of mistakes, so I spent much time "reverse sewing" - also known as "ripping out". These are such simple pieces and they are easily put together but if you sew on the wrong side of the little sandwich of pieces you have a larger piece that is just wrong!

 The pieces should go together like this, with verticals on the upper left corner. 
 but if you pick this up the wrong way and sew it on the wrong side ...

 You get this - with horizontals on the upper left corner. 
 Then if you sew then to another square you get this below 
 instead of this. How many did I do wrong last year? More than I should have and more than I want to admit and enough to keep me busy ripping reverse sewing for a long time this afternoon. 
 Here is the little bit that is done properly. It will be a quilt for a queen size bed so, as you might guess, I have a lot to do. It is going to be a rather weird quilt at best, but I will quilt it with lavender thread and hope for the best and it will be warm. By the way, these larger blocks haven't been sewn yet, so this might not be the final arrangement. 

If I ever finish this I plan to make a quilt for our bed. It will be red and pink and greens. The one we are using, made of all batiks (very soft fine fabric) is falling apart. It has served well, but it is time for a replacement. 

All is well, 


Chrissy said…
I've been meaning to comment on your last entries (I fell in love with the first pic of Lucy) but it's been too hot to stay long in my room under the roof.
But I read all your posts so I'm up to date with your artwork (didn't know Dean was a pilot!) which is full of life as usual - and now your patchwork with its gentle subtle colours.
Lovely, all of it!
Caroline said…
Chrissy, it is so nice to read your comments. I am encouraged by your kind words.
Dean flew for Delta for 30 years after flying for the Air Force for 6 years. As you could imagine, he has some interesting stories to tell. We met when we were both working with the space program -he was flying the astronauts for their weightlessness training in preparation for the first moon landing.
Maybe I should make some moon paintings!,
Unknown said…
At first I didn't quite understand about the quilt but it finally sunk through this thick skull that the squares of 4 had to be in the proper order so that they could be sewn together properly. DUH.

I MIGHT enjoy making a quilt IF it didn't require exact measurements, etc. I am not good with exact measurements whether it is cooking or sewing or whatever. I am more of a "that's close enough" type which isn't such a good thing!

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