Quiet Day

Don't we all wish for quiet days? Today (well, actually Wednesday - it is now Thursday morning)  I went to art class. It was, as usual, informative and challenging. Sandy and I talked over my last three works and she pointed out their weaknesses and made suggestions about how I could deal with them. One needs a darker corner, one needs some more darks, one needs some lights. Some of that I knew, but it is hard to remember everything when you are learning and I sometimes forget about corners at all.
When I came home I stretched out on the bed to rest a minute, fell asleep and slept for hours, so I haven't finished a single painting. I will show them later although you may be getting tired of seeing them.

The painters were here today, the HVAC man came and talked to Dean, the carpenters are finishing up the trim work. Not much that would make an interesting picture. So...
 Here is a woman who looks so stiff that she could break if she had to smile. Unfortunately, she has a vision problem, also - her eyes go in just slightly different directions. That is a common problem not only in my drawings but also in real life but I did not intend for her to have it.  Pencil, watercolor crayons and water. Bless her heart. Maybe I will try her again and she if she will smile. Such a tight little mouth
 Vicki gave me this candle a long time ago and I never have lit it for some reason. This hot chocolate mug had tea and coffee companions but the coffee one was broken before I ever got it home. I wish that I could find a new one. I think that they might have been made in England. I bought a mug of the same size and shape there years ago but it is gone now. These are nice to hold, easy on your fingers, and the capacity is just right.

 This girl was copied from an ad. I usually don't draw clothes - I haven't the patience for all those folds.  I tried, but  I  obviously need to do more of this. I am not taking the local paper any longer so I don't have the little photos from the obituaries to use. They were really more interesting because although people were often at their best, they weren't airbrushed and professionally made up nor on slick paper.
 Just making designs is fun. Do this while you are watching TV. Piddling/ doodling is a great art form. Do you recognize the candle?
Now this probably doesn't impress you but I can't tell you how hard I worked on that lamp. Getting the shape of the shade was not easy for me. You also can see the  cup from my photographs. Doodling letters is great fun also. I really like this fancy W. 

Happy Birthday to my brother in law, Alan. And on a personal note, my nose is healing right up and looking and feeling better and better. 

All is well, 


Unknown said…
Yep your nose looked much improved when I saw you yesterday.
You've been busy with the sketching and doodling and I could tell the lamp took lots of work as there were erasure mark. My work had lots of them giving anything I draw sort of a shabby look without the chic!
I thought the tight lipped woman was smiling but she wasn't happy about it! A forced smile.
Have you now worked on any paintings. I haven't but I do plan to.

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