Isn't it AUGUST?

Isn't August supposed to be hot? I am trying not to complain but we have had a whole week or more of rainy, humid and cool days. I guess it beats the heat but I am beginning to feel mildewy. Since our a/c still isn't repaired/replaced or whatever they are going to do, we have no way to dehumidify the house. We keep fans going to keep the air moving but it is a little chilly to have one blowing on you. I know, wah, waah, waaah ( not even spellcheck likes that!)
 So what have I been doing? Well, I am a master at wasting time.
So I watched TV and played with crayons and pens. Trying to fill the page took a while but it was fun.

Dean has carried a table that Jenny and he made up to the studio and I have rearranged my tool chests. Dean thought that I didn't realize how big the table is but I wanted all that space to put large paper, paints, brushes and other stuff around while I am painting. The table is on locking casters so I can move it around or keep it still. I put the drawing table that was there on the other side of the room to be my desk area - a knee hole large enough for knees - both of them. At the same time. What a luxury!

This painting is part of the industrial series (a series of two). When our aptitudes were tested in high school, mine turned out to be interior decorator or mechanic. Here is a little of both, I suppose. I was never a very "girly-girl" and neither were/are my daughters, but my granddaughter is making up for all of us. Where did THAT come from?

I am going to have this copied on a toner printer, adhere it to a piece of rubbery stuff (Safety-Kut), let it dry, soak it with water and rub off the paper. That will leave a reversed copy of the words and I will have at it with my carving tools to make a rubber stamp. I notice that a few words need to be straightened - I will try to remember to do that before I have it copied. I think that this photo was taken before the words were glued down, though, and they might be straightened already. 

Tonight is Education for Ministry class again. We actually began last Monday but Dean and I both forgot in the excitement of getting the stitches out of my nose. My lesson for tonight is about Martin Luther, not to be confused with Martin Luther King. We will have class until sometime in November then we begin again in January for my last year. It has been and is very interesting and it provokes a lot of thinking and self examination but at this point I feel like there is quite a lot on my plate. The good thing is that it is a group that cares for each other and helps to uplift each other. That's good. 

A request. One of our former foster children, AMY, has been diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. Please pray for this beautiful wife and mother of four children. 

All is well and all will be well, 


Unknown said…
I think that displaying the second of your Industrial Series on top of a pink tool box qualifies you are girly!
Chrissy said…
Such a lot to take in on your blog today.
I am filled with sadness for Amy.I am learning so much now: that you had foster children!
What else? The new work space looks promising. Sorry you can't keep cool for the time being but I am amazed that you keep up with your art work. For me, the best part is that row of rosebuds.
I seem to be spending my time on housework and looking after visitors - but I count that as a pleasure.

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