From this to this. Repeat.

And the news for today is that my stitches are out, the doctor thinks the patch is healing well, the lumpiness and bumpiness should go away and the margins were clear - all the cancer is gone. I see him again in six weeks.
 so I have gone from this
to this. 
The photo emphasizes the red just a little. In a few days I will be able to wear make-up and that should help a lot. My worst problem now is that my glasses rest on a tender place and after a while they begin to bother me. (so I take them off).

The painters started on the house today and Dustin and Chris are just finishing up. Inspections have been made and the electric rough-in as well as the framing has been approved. ( The plumbing wasn't inspected but the drain is doing its drain thing and Dean cleaned up all the mess)

I have been working in the studio on the paintings I showed you recently. #1 has gone from 
 this to 
this, to
  I have stopped here, having learned many lessons but needing to think things over. The vases have textured gels on them that I might add paint to but that is a decision yet to be made. Some red flowers might appear somewhere, also. Very simple red flowers. Very. simple. 

These are the same gels I used on the vases. They give a rough texture which seems right for this industrial looking piece. This might need to be turned- I don't yet know which is the top. One of the paints is stainless steel; I find that very interesting. The pictures that form the lower layer are from on old book about how things work. The paper is very soft and tears very easily due, I am sure, to its high rag content. 

 This one has had only one transformation so far.

This one, however has gone from this pink and blue start to 

This medium tone through paintings, glazes and being sanded (having your own power tools is so ...empowering)

 and has become this. I took this photo in the evening and the gloss on the piece reacted with the flash on the iPhone to make it difficult to see. There very well might be more work to do on this one before I go to class on Wednesday. I'll not just make the whole thing go away, but I will be doing something. I might make it, or parts of it, darker. Looking at it tomorrow in the natural light will be a big help. 

The phone, iCloud, the computer, and Blogger have all seemed to have had it in for me tonight. Do you think that is possible? Nah! It is just time to go to bed. 

All is well


Unknown said…
Industrial. I like that word for some of your work. Those painting are really coming along and I find them interesting even tho I know that can sometimes be considered less than a compliment. I, however, mean it as a compliment! I like the pink and blue much better with the glaze and then you even took it further. I am always stymied about what to do next with my paintings but you seem to have a jillion ideas. I'm jealous!

Nose looks MUCH better. The best part is that he got all the cancer.

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