Cooler days ahead

I can't really show you today's biggest thing - the A/C is being installed. They won't finish tonight but our bedroom has cool air! Pat, the A/C man, hopes to have it all finished by tomorrow evening. I can't even find words to tell you how happy that makes me feel. A good night's sleep!!!

I can't really show you the next "big" thing either. Thursday morning I got up to answer a early phone call (from Pat, see above) and either tripped over Jackson or stepped over him before I had my other foot firmly on the floor. I doesn't matter which it was because I sat down, quickly and quite firmly on the floor. No lasting injury but a colorful behind, a tender bump on the head, and a shoulder that I can feel. All on the right side.

As for the third thing, I can't show that either. I stuck my head in the car that Alex (son-in-law) was driving to give something to Dean, who was in the front seat. Alex, thinking I was in, took his foot off the brake only to quickly reapply it when we all yelled. Scratch on the calf where the sliding door of the mini-van got me, slight bruises up the left side. It also provided me with ammo for when Alex starts to tease me again.

Since I can't really show you those things I will show you the progress on my most recently begun painting. This still has quite a way to go before I can consider it finished, but I think that I like the start. I hope that by the end it will look as if it all belongs together and you can't really imagine it any other way. Dreaming big!

All is well, 


Chrissy said…
You're in the wars again (as my Mum used to say). Take care of yourself! We like arnica for bruises and pain.

The big day approaches! Perhaps your new paintings will bring back those "waiting for completion' days.

Does that happen to you too: you look at a piece of work you did, can be sewing, painting, whatever, and instantly remember the play you were listening to on the radio or the CD which was your favourite at the time?

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