Two steps forward...

and then we will see if there are steps back to be taken. The things that I call "brackets" and Dustin calls"gussets" are being installed. That is good in two ways - they are on the house and they are off the porch. I am excited about both. 

Inside, the plan is to make cardboard mock-ups of the cabinets, etc., next Monday/Tuesay and have the electrician put up temporary lights so we can try them out at different times of the day to see if we want larger or smaller ones as in two larger or four smaller in a given area. Should be interesting. Meanwhile, Dean and I plan to clean up all the little pieces of debris from the demolition. 
 The washing up station seems to work but I would recommend a regular sink. Still, it beats using the bathtub or the bathroom sink. 

An addition to our little "kitchen" is this countertop oven. We aren't building in double ovens so this will take the place of a larger one and be used when heating a larger oven isn't really necessary. We initiated it by making a peach pie and it worked well. 

I have pots to plant and we have had two days without rain so I think that it is time. Two of the pots will have little cedars and two will have a plant with lovely pink and green arrow-shaped leaves called ...I can't remember what they are called. Scary. I also need to do some hedge trimming and cut the strip of grass between sidewalk and street that I ignored last evening when I mowed the grass. And I want to get to the studio and I guess that the mess in the closet upstairs will wait a little longer because I am not sure that I can work it in!

I would love to hear from you. You can comment (maybe) or e-mail me at or the other address. 

All is well, it certainly is. 


Chrissy said…
Seeing you soldiering on with your washing up under difficult conditions, I thought of Nella Last. She would have approved of you!

It must feel like camping but you're wearing your smile.

Such a good idea to practice with the lighting. Bad decisions can ruin the pleasure of using your kitchen. This I know from past experience.

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