Rain, lovely rain

We are having a long slow, soft rain and it is wonderful. We have lately had our share of hard winds, hard, rain, and hard heat.  Gentle is a nice change. So far the ground isn't saturated, but it is getting a good soak.

The leaves on the redbud outside the dining room, gather drops. The leaves are huge and heart shaped and the effect is lovely. There is no breeze so the drops cling until the rain is harder or gravity finally pulls them to the ground.

Out the front door the street is all shiny and the air is clean. The porch could stand some paint but that will have to wait for another, drier day. What you can't see here is a stack of newspapers that accumulated while we were gone and forgot to stop delivery and which I put off dealing with while it was so hot. They have to be freed from the plastic bag and rubber band , flattened and put with the recycling. Maybe I should just stop taking the paper, but It is good to keep up with the local happenings. All of you wonderful housekeepers would have taken care of this long ago. I'll get to it sooner or later. Before we have a porch party for sure!

After watching a DVD workshop by Julie Fei Fan Balzer last night I drew some faces and colored them with watercolor pencil. Paints would have been better, but you work with what is at hand. These are not supposed to be photographic likenesses or rally any likeness at all except that it should be recognizable as a human face. I think I got that part.

I couldn't get these to move up beside each other. Maybe there is some competitiveness among them? The curly girl was done first, the redhead next and the blond with  no bangs last. It was fun and tonight I might try it on some better paper with watercolors. My other options is the draw something everyday from my desk or table or wherever I can find something. Just drawing is the thing and everyone can do it. If you think that you can't, get some copy paper and check out Drawing on the Right side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. You can draw.  I promise.

Would you like to go to France? Please read the blogs of Christine West at chris.westcreations.eu. Chrissy is someone I met via internet when we were both taking a class from Mary Ann Moss. Born in England, she lives in France with her potter husband, Hugh. They take trips which Chrissy beautifully photographs and discusses. It is a wonderful adventure from the comfort of your (wherever your computer is). Don't miss this special treat.


Unknown said…
I was going to paint a girl's face last night a la Julie Fei Fan Balzer but did some digital work instead. I like the redheaded girl the best but the neck on the curly headed girl is really good.
Caroline said…
Thanks. Wish my neck looked as good but I have more the anorak Ephron attitude about necks. Not good.
Caroline said…
That is Nora Ephron. I need to learn to proofread. (and shorten my fingernails).
Chrissy said…
I especially like the expression on the middle girl's face. Those DVD classes are working!

It's so cold and wet here in France that we've given up on summer. And today is the 14th July when everyone looks forward to fireworks. There are going to be some long faces.

Thank you so much, Caroline, for mentioning my blog. A lovely recommendation!
Caroline said…
Chrissy, it is a lovely blog! So sorry about the 14th being rainy. Our fireworks are on the 4th and this year we didn't even try to go see them, but stayed home with the dogs who are scared silly by all the noise.
Caroline said…
By the way, I like the middle girl's expression too. I am not sure what she is thinking but she seems happy about it and somewhat mellowed out. Hmmmm.

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