That old saying

about things getting worse before they get better has some appeal to me now. Things have gotten worse and surely they are heading for better.

Right now, the work is going on inside the house and painters finally have a dry and sunny day to work outside. However, now the refrigerator and old stove are in the dining room and I am setting up a dishwashing station on a server in the living room. Dean is out right now running errands and I hope he remembers to buy two plastic dishpans. We will fill the pans in the bathtub and empty them into the toilet, I suppose.
the new scullery

We aren't creating a lot of dirty dishes - I usually shy away from paper plates but not right now. I still try to be judicious in their use.

I have several things to take out to the studio which will serve two purposes - get them out of the house and have them available when I get out there to work. However, even with all that to do, I am going to lunch and a movie with "the girls" today. We are going to see The Heat. AND, it being afternoon, the clouds are starting to roll in. 'What the clouds mean is anyone's guess.

In the background is a glimpse of the dining room.  Just to the left of the doorway to the kitchen but in the dining room  is the stove. Dean offered to hook up a 220w extension cord and cook there. "No!," I said, "I don't want you cooking in the dining room!"

Dustin and Andrew are leveling up the boards to which the ceiling will be attached. Dustin's legs are blocking the viewof the pantry wall. They clean up every afternoon before they leave. 

 During Jackson's latest escape he lost his thunder shirt so I improvised with a blanket and an elastic wrap. The pet store is out of them except for XS and XL.

We went to Vicki's tonight for homemade blackberry pie made from local (and free!) blackberries. Yummy!

All is well, 


Chrissy said…
I know it will be wonderful when it's finished but really you need the patience of a saint to keep cheerful with all this STUFF going on all day every day. Getting out in good company must help a lot.

I'm unclear about thunder shirts. Are they supposed to keep the dog immobile? Poor Jackson - he looks very subdued. Let's hope those clouds roll right on past you.

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