I remember now.

The plants are caladiums! How could I not remember? Aren't they beautiful?

Below are the pots (well, one of them). They are concrete and glazed a little with a brownish grayish green. The plants are still just sitting in the pots but I hope to plant them in the next few days.
 While we are at it I think these hydrangeas in the neighborhood are quite striking looking Those deep colors look so good in front of that house. 

And,  the scaffolding is down on one side of the house. The painters will use ladders to get the one little trim board that hasn't been painted.
The back is also finished except for the louvers that close that opening. Before they are installed the guys have to get in there and paint and seal the wooden plenum they built for the fan. Right now, from the stairs inside, green building board is visible. Not a good look. 

Guess who heard some thunder? This is a hollow core door which Jackson started on a few days ago. It is down to one side and that is not thick, so we are going to crate him and keep him on a leash in the house when he is not in the crate. Fortunately this is a temporary door, but he can work on a real one, too. His nails make some deep scratches on a real door. 

 I have been ordering my studio so I can work there. So far this and the ironing table are mostly clear. The other surfaces are not as bad as they were but still require much sorting of collected papers, etc and eventually cleaning. That hasn't kept me from taking a few minutes to try some painting. 

Do you think these colors were influenced by what has been going on here? I chose them without much thought then realized that I am way out of my usual color choices. I have done work on it since this photo (which is leaning so far forward that it makes me dizzy). Don't ask me what this is because I haven't the slightest idea at this point. What it may become is up in the air also. Of course, if worse comes to worst, I can always sand it down, gesso it and start over. 

So there we are, The mock up of the kitchen was begun today and should be finished tomorrow. It will be very interesting to walk in the spaces where I will be working, etc. I will take pictures. 

One last thing. I went to the dermatologist today and the funny bump on my nose turns out to be basal cell carcinoma. I have an appointment July 30 to see the plastic surgeon who will be removing it. He is the same one who fixed my nose when I broke it. He has really bright blue eyes. 

All is well


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