How was your day?

This was my day - a good one I am happy to say. Here it is - in no particular order
 I worked on this painting. Now I am ready to let it be for a while so I can get a little mental distance before deciding if it needs more and what that more might be. Don't show this to your favorite psychiatrist. He/She might send the orderlies after me. All those weird colors and the flames. Hmmmm.

 I had previously sewn strips together in sets of three and then cut them into squares. Today I sewed squares together in sets of two. Next I will make sets of four then I will put three of those blocks together with a square of one of the prints before assembling the whole thing, layering it, quilting it and putting it on the guest bed. I hope that I can keep the momentum going. 
 Yesterday, after much work with paint films inside and out about 1/64 inch thick, Dean finally got one of the eight windows in the living room open. I am sitting in front of it enjoying the flow of air pulled in by the whole house fan. Delightful!! We think that this end of the room was once a bedroom and I am about to make it one again. This would be a lovely place to sleep. 
 Vicki and I went and got pedicures today and not a moment too early for either of us. I really like this color but have no idea what it is. Who selected the type size on the label?
 I vacuumed the places I could get to. After all the in and out today I will have to do it again tomorrow. 
 I did not wash the dishes. The light isn't good and getting set up is such a pain that I decided to leave them until morning. My apologies to all of you who are appalled. 

We ran out of space in our "kitchen areas" but needed some tea (it is life blood to southerners) so this is where the tea area is. If you don't recognize it, that is my desk. 

The trim on the front of the house is finished - only one side and the dormer to shingle and finish. Tomorrow the temporary lights for the kitchen should be installed so that we can see if the plan needs any tweaking . The flooring people are coming some time soon to measure, etc. It is becoming both harder and easier to bear all this mess. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel? It just might  be. 

So how was your day? I would love to hear from you. 

All is well and all is well and all manner of things shall most certainly be well.


Unknown said…
About that light at the end of the tunnel...Hope it's not the train!

Washing dishes without running water is very cumbersome. This is definitely the time for paper products but I realize they cannot be used to cook.

I am so interested in your painting process. I like how you make lists of what needs to be done. You think through things which I rush in willy nilly! Are you sure we're sisters?

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