Some funny things

When Jenny and Sara went to the grocery store they discovered that we now have a section devoted to English items. So they brought back a can of Spotted Dick. As you might imagine, this occasioned not a few giggles and some ribald comments. Spotted Dick must be something like Boston Brown Bread, a real treat in my childhood. Wikipedia helped with the origin of the name which no one knows quite surely, although it seems certain that the spots are the fruits (raisins and currants) and the dick might come from the last syllable of "pudding". One thing I know. The English have a very different idea of pudding than we do. Ours is more custardy and theirs is more cakey/bready. We haven't tried the SD yet, it requires being cooked in a pot of boiling water for about 45 minutes or so or a trip through the microwave. Report later.

At the pool today. A little old man, thin arms and legs, very round belly, flat-billed baseball hat, gold flat neck chain, sitting at a table under n umbrella, reading Danielle Steele. I have never known of a man reading her books and certainly not out in public. He read for a while then went to sit with his wife in the sun.  He repeated the routine several times.

I treaded (trod?) water for 30 minutes this morning without stopping. I had to stop because my legs were muttering, "If you want to be able to climb the steps out of here - stop now!"The ladder out of the deep end was not even an option. I hope that qualifies as exercise, because it nearly wore me out. I sat in the sun for a while to dry out but did not linger long. The sun does bad things to my face and my white spots. Now I am on the screened porch with a glass of ice water and no internet connection! Not nice.

All is well,


Unknown said…
I cannot even IMAGINE treading water for so long. I have a built-in inner tube but still...that's a long time.

That must have been a smoldering DS book to have to take so many breaks!

Perhaps Chrissy can give us the scoop about Spotted Dick. I have seen it among the can goods at Gardner's Market so do not worry about being able to get it in Cleveland!
Chrissy said…
That's right, 'dick' was an old name for pudding. It is also called Spotted Dog to avoid the dreaded other word! They used to serve it for school dinners when I was young - the aim was to fill the child up, which certainly worked. It's hardly ever made now, except nostalgically. The other rather horrible thing was a Jam Roly Poly Pudding which was made with suet and rolled up with red jam inside. So heavy.

I've been away for a few days. Imagine how this made me laugh!

Seems you had a wonderful time in Italy. I must look up where you live, had no idea you were near the beach.

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