June is nearly gone

So much has happened, but June is nearly gone. We had ten lovely days in Italy, were home for a day and a half and then went to the beach for our yearly vacation with the family at Sanibel Island. We came home to find that due to rain, not much had been done on the house. Then I discovered that during the roofing work they came all the way through to the storage room. Lots of cleaning to do there now before they finish and insulate.

Everything will have to be moved to another room and this room cleaned and the ceiling pulled down to be replaced by new sheetrock.It will be a chance to re-evaluate the importance of the things that are stored. 
 I have known about this mess for a while, but Vicki, Buddy Kay and I have been cleaning a house that was occupied by 4 college boys for a year. These were nice boys, but not big on cleaning and they left the place like a pig stye. Vicki, Buddy and Kay did much more than I but we all spent plenty of time on our knees and in other positions as we shoveled, scrubbed and scraped. We also had help from our handyman, Charley, and Billy and Pat, our painters. It took a village but the new renters are moving in Monday. We hope that they know how to clean a toilet something the boys seem not to have mastered.  

Here are some rather more pleasant shots. A previous tenant of the condo left us these souvenirs. Isn't the pattern on the crab shell lovely? The mirroring is amazing.

 And we had some new furniture in the condo.  The sea life fabric delighted me. A second chair is covered in it and there are throw pillows of it on the new sofa.  

I hope to get back to art work next week and even to get the best of the Italy shots chosen. I will have to warn you, though, that I am not good at remembering my camera or to take pictures. I was too involved in looking, looking, looking and thinking about the history of the place as well as making sure that my grandson, Drew, was still with the group. (He was very good about staying with the group but not necessarily right beside me).  

Thank you for stopping by after all this time. I think that things are pulled together enough that you will be hearing from me more often now. I might try to publish a short post every day. Let me know if you would like that.  
All is well


Unknown said…
I had no idea about the ceiling problems in the storage room. What a horrible mess. I guess you'll have something to keep you busy while Dean is on his fishing trip....
Chrissy said…
I would certainly like more frequent blogs when you can do them, Caroline.

Sorry to hear about the big mess - at home and in the other house - but that green chair with the gorgeous cushion looks the business. How wise to have a footstool to match. Now I hope you can relax.

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