Roller coaster

Or as we said as children, "rollie coaster". That has been this past week. Monday night at the hospital. Tuesday at the internist and then the orthopedist. Wednesday, after a quick trip to the internist and his first injection of insulin, Dean stayed home and I went to art class. Today back to the orthopedist. After all the prodding, sample taking and culturing, it turns out to be gout. The trick now is to blend the diets required for the kidney, the gout and the diabetes. It is rather like working a puzzle and one that we haven't completed yet. We are learning about chart keeping, though.

Meanwhile, the trim is up on the windows and we have a back door. Demo of the interior walls is coming soon and there will be pictures. For now, spring continues and beauty surrounds us.

The bridal wreath is in full bloom.  
 These dogwood petals, knocked down by the rain earlier this week, look like silk confetti in my neighbor's yard. 
 The Crepe Myrtle, always a late bloomer, is putting out leaves.
 My other neighbor's courtyard garden is lovely. 
 Here is the doorway. Such a treat when I look out the kitchen window. 
 Red-tip Photinia leaves are such a deep and lovely red and their waxy surface makes it seem they were  polished just for our pleasure in looking. 
 The wisteria at the back fence line has almost finished blooming. It was cut back severely last year so the blooms were fewer than usual but they were still graceful . 
 The little rose bush is doing its part. Isn't the red and green lovely at this time of year?Why do we think that combination is only for Christmas?
 When Dean reseeded the lawn he spread some wheat straw and it didn't all get raked up so in the daffodil bed there is now some wheat, complete with beard. Not enough to make bread, though. 
There is something I love about the sun shining in on a spring or summer day in the afternoon. My room was cool, there was a little breeze. Delightful. 

Despite all the drama of the week (and the worry, to tell you the truth) all is well and all is well and all will most certainly be well. Or, to quote my friend Tammy, It's All Good. 



Chrissy said…
It is delightful to see you back on form, Caroline!
The proof is in your stream of lovely photos. Now you can direct your gaze away from those horrible problems to the beauty all round - and there's certainly a lot of that.
I hope the spring makes a real difference to Dean's recovery and your peace of mind.
Unknown said…
Love your photographs and the descriptions.

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