Happy and excited.

 The latest. The shingles are going up just under the roof. The opening under the ridge of the roof will be louvered as the fan is behind it; the door will have a window (it had to be ordered). Do you see the temporary steps? Soon the deck will have a real floor, too, and a rail around it. Can you tell that I am pleased and excited?
Below is a little painting that began as a large piece which I did not like and cut up. It is small but happy now. 

I am still working on this piece. It, too, has been cut down. Sometimes you have to have tough love! I might be the only one who likes this and sometimes I am not sure that I do!

This began as part of the other happy one. Each of them is better than they were as one piece. 

This is a close-up of the one below. 

This is rather dusty, filmy looking in the pic, but when I put on the final coat of finish it will be clearer. I do not know how it should be classified - it is rather abstract, rather absurdist, rather... What would you call it?

Whatever we call the painting, all is well.


Unknown said…
I think it is an abstract. So much for my 2 cents!. I know you are happy and excited about the house addition taking shape. It looks great!

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