tap, tap, tap

The roofers are on the roof, doing the addition. So exciting - maybe there won't be any more leaks. There was a major one Monday, and I would have thrown in the towel but I needed it to mop up the water. Well, I did throw it in the puddle on the office floor.

 But now, even though it is cold, it is also sunny and things are looking better, The basement floor has been poured. It is still open to the outside and our cold water is COLD.

The foundation has been bricked and there are bricks left to use in the yard or driveway. 
 The outside has been sealed and taped. The windows will be cut in later. We are looking for windows of the proper style and the person that we thought could make them has gone out of business. 

The mess in the yard is almost under control. 
 The big old hackberry tree has patches of moss growing high on its trunk. The green is a beautiful emerald. 

I thought that this piece of plywood is interestingly patterned. I think that I will carve a stamp with this pattern to use in my art pieces. 

I am still collecting and drawing faces. Here is Drew, our contractor. 

Henry Miller. I really like his face. 

Along with Justin, here are other photos I have selected out of the newspapers - mostly the obituaries because they have the largest photos.  

 I have been printing deli papers to use for collages yet to be done.

Today Vicki and I are going to buy paint for one of the rental houses and we will be cleaning the walls. Who knew that buying a few houses would entail becoming painter, scrubwoman, etc. etc. ? 
In fact, here Vicki comes. 

All is well, 


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