Ta Da!

A few things to celebrate. The little wild violets are blooming next to our driveway. Dean's father always yanked them from his yard, saying they are weeds, but I love their dainty flowers and beautiful dark green leaves. 

A biggie on the list. The real TA DA!! The foundation is finished and back-filled. Inside work to follow. We decided today on the size and orientation of the steps and tiny deck. It will be just big enough for us to sit out there for a cup of morning coffee. Two chairs and a tiny table 
For just a while the yard was empty of equipment, but then Dean told "the guys" to park the van and trailer there so we could not park on the  street for a change. Still, it was a glimpse of things to come. 

This is a window in the basement that once looked to the outside and later to the crawl space under the porch. Now it opens into the much brighter and cleaner space where we will store hand tools for yard work, seeds, etc. and maybe a few bottles of wine. It is such an enormous difference! 

The african violets in my house have even bloomed!

 This gentleman came into the coffee shop where Jenny and I were having breakfast. I found his face very interesting and asked if I could photograph and draw him and he graciously allowed me to. I haven't started on the drawing but it should be an interesting challenge.  

It is cold again and snow is predicted for Monday. We are seeing sign of spring, but after this cold and wet winter we are all longing for sunny warm days. Still, all is well and all is well and all is certainly well. 


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