Sketch wars.

Vicki and I have decided to follow the example of sisters Mary Ann and Carol and each draw the same face.  Our styles are different but you can mostly tell it is the same photo. Of course, each of us thinks that the other's drawing is better; you know how that goes.

(I can't tell you how hard I have tried to get these images to line up!! Some days blogger is my friend, some days not. )

.Isn't this the cutest little face.? And I just realized what is wrong with mine. Which is mine I won't say. I always post and then see the problem!

Meanwhile, have you ever said that you need to "shovel out your house"? You were kidding, of course. Well, today, the guys shoveled out my kitchen. No joke. That light place is where there is no roof, only plastic. The house is not warm. However, things are moving along and it will be only about 10 days longer for this crew. The inside won't be finished, but we will install the laundry Whoo Hoo!



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