Even On Your Last Good Nerve...

Even then, there is beauty. Truly. Tonight I was cleaning up after supper and looked at these eggs. How beautiful they are. Our friend Jonathan has chickens and we get them from him. They have wonderful golden yellow yolks and whites that don't run all over everywhere; these are eggs as they should be. (But I am not going to crack one just to photograph it.)
In the next room, destined to be part of the kitchen, I never got the little shelf cleaned out. It is mostly Dean's stuff and I think I had the strange idea that he would take care of it. Well, he didn't, so I have been tackling it the last several days when I had a chance. I have also been painting at one of the rental houses and acting as Vick's sounding board for her remodel. The time seems to get away from me. Anyway, here is a reminder of what happens when you take down the chimney from an old coal furnace. Yuk! Thick black dust!

 I haven't let the drawing go. Drawing faces is just one of the things I must do. This gentleman was the recipient of some coffee that transferred the color of the photocopy of him to the page in the book. I think I will add watercolor - this looks good a little farther down the page.  

I have also begun working on a drawing of one of my favorite authors, Frederick Buechner. If you don't recognized him that's okay.  I doubt that his wife would recognize him at this stage. There is much refining to be done and I will enjoy my time with him. 

I was going to show you a painting but it didn't photograph well and I will give the photography another chance before I show you. I also have one of my absolutely pitiful"pours" to work on. I know why my pours don't work out but I just can't remember not to worry about what they might be when I pour and I start trying to place colors. That is not the thing to do and my pours are always execrable. I am determined that the next one will be better!! You heard it here. 

Happy Easter to each of you. 


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