Can you stand some more?

Can you stand some more of my drawing? Vicki and I are drawing the same photo, as we have said. She posted hers and mine to Facebook and then I worked on mine some more, determined to get it closer to real. Now I can't find my first one except on Facebook. I think that Vicki is the one who photographed it and I never got it from her. Oh, well, here is what there is and rest assured that, however good or bad,  the one I am showing you is an improvement. 

Above is a portrait of my father that we think must have been made around the time he was a senior in high school. Below is my version. I realize that I haven't gotten the head tilted properly and the back eye is a little large. I will try again from scratch in a few weeks, but for right now - no more erasing!

These two are childhood pictures of two of my cousins. The original of the little boy is so cute. He looks like he is enduring the photo session but not enjoying it. He was about 10 when this was taken as far as I can figure. The baby still has those bright eyes though she is now a grandmother. 

 No windows have been cut in, but the doorway is being used. They will finish the walls and roof it and then tear down walls inside. Then these guys will be finished. Why I ever thought that this project would be easy I cannot say. No project that we have ever undertaken has been easy. And right now, Blogger is throwing up something about another location every few seconds and it extremely annoying.

Still, I must say that all is well and all is well and all is most certainly well. Or as one of my friends says, "It's all good."


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