Is it I? or is it...

I am tempted to think that the asteroid passing by is affecting us!!
Things seem to be stacking up for everyone this week. Or maybe it is the mess in this house because of construction. This is the view out the front door at 9 AM.

When I looked to my right I saw that there is also activity at our neighbor's house. Their sewer pipe is being replaced. 

Back porch. Much more is torn down now. 

The dining room. Every square inch seems to have something on it. This shows our "kitchen"

The fridge, trash, and dog feeding happens here.  

The shiny thing in the hall is the temporary pantry.

The yellow of this panting I am working on is a cheerful note. 

As are the little birds who rest happily on the piano. 

By the end of the day the porch will be history. 


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