A little night rain

 Last night it rained again. That's how we discovered that the leak was still there - we heard the water pouring out of the ceiling. So far, the damage is limited to the two rooms that are being redone anyway, thank goodness. So today, Justin and Drew were back out there as was a man with a big back hoe and an enormous dump truck. Here are the pics.

Drew and Dustin added more plastic on the roof top, hoping to at least slow down the water, and the guy with the big back hoe knocked down the steps and the old walls and dug a hole for the new foundation under the addition.

 The pale green at the bottom of the steps is the door to the basement. Someone left it open!! Oh, yeah, there is a piece of plywood covering the entrance into the room where the laundry center (hahaha) is. That window further on was covered by a piece of carpet and looked out under the porch, a place I wasn't the slightest bit interested in viewing. Now we will have a cellar of sorts there. At this point I am thinking wine cellar! That door(the green one) always leaked when the water overpowered the little drain at the bottom of the stair. The new door for the area has glass with wire imbedded in it as its upper half. A little more daylight will be welcome down there.

Last night I did a little purple work. Just a beginning, but you have to do something, you know, just for sanity's sake. I also did a little knitting since I am falling far behind the schedule I was keeping for a while.

Here is what is importantAll is well.


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